Estate Planning

What's your plan?

The average cost of nursing home care is $5,500.00 a month. If you’re looking around Salt Lake, expect a monthly bill closer to $7,500.00. How are you going to manage that cost? Medicare won’t cover it! Long-term care coverage is expensive and often inadequate. What if you could qualify for nursing care reimbursement while keeping your house and assets protected for your heirs?

How We Help

We can assist with Medicaid Qualification and General Estate Planning. For non-emergencies, we can analysis your personal income and asset situation to maximize your long-term care benefit. This includes irrevocable trusts, care contracts, and other methods. Our goal is to preserve assets for your care and your heirs. During an initial meeting, we can illustrate the extraordinary financial benefit of proper estate planning.

For emergency nursing home care needs, we can help families provide the best solutions for their parents. In these stressful situations, families will often “fire sale” assets to pay for long-term care until Medicaid steps in. Most people don’t realize that some assets are exempt. Proper planning can preserve estate assets for better care and comfort. At the same time, we can protect assets from estate recovery proceedings.

These issues are very complicated. Find a trusted advisor to help you through the process and maximize the benefits.

In addition to benefit planning, we also provide:

  • General Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts)
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship
  • Estate Recovery
  • Probate